Conference Committee Members

Conference Co-Chairs
Neil Fuenmayor
nfuenmayor (at)

John Haubert
jhaubert (at)

William (Bill) Windschief
Advanced Innovation Solutions
bwindschief (at)


Technical Program Chairs

Dr. Norm Kakarala
SPE Fellow
nkakarala (at)

Michael Balow
Auxin Consulting
mbalow (at)

David Helmer
General Motors
dhelmer (at)


Sponsorship/Exhibit Co-Chairs

Dr. Sassan Tarahomi, Alterra Holdings
Phone: +1.201.887.7635
starahomi (at)

David Okonski
General Motors

Director Emeritus: Bill Windschief, Advanced Innovation Solutions
Phone: +1.248.535.2595
bwindscheif (at)

Conference Registration: Karen Rhodes-Parker, SPE
Phone: + ext. 3
karen (at)


2022 Technical Program Sessions & Co-Chairs

Materials Development
Co-Chairs: Mark Jablonka- Dow; Peter Glenister – LyondellBasell; Catherine Wilson – Ford Motor Co.

Interior Applications & Laminating Adhesives
Co-Chairs: Dr. Pravin Sitaram – Haartz; Hoa Pham – Freudenberg LP; Austin Wagenhals – Ford Motor Co.

Innovations in Plastics for Electrical and Autonomous Vehicles
Co-Chairs: David Helmer – General Motors; Mike Shoemaker – Borealis Compounds; Mark Lapain – Advanced Composites

Process Developments, Additive Manufacturing and Simulation
Co-Chairs: Dr. Suresh Shah – SPE Fellow; Matt Sprouse – Washington Penn Plastic Company; David Tucker – Stanley

Sustainable Materials and Parts
Co-Chairs: Mike Balow – Auxin Consulting; Mark Allen – Dow

Polyolefin Elastomers and Vulcanizates
Co-Chairs: Dr. Bhavesh Shah – Celanese Corporation; Dr. David Patel – Mitsubishi Chemical; Dr. Nadeem Bokhari – Sumitomo Chemical

Performance Additives and Colorants
Co-Chairs: Nancy Cliff – BASF; Dr. John Mara – Amfine Chemical Corporation

Exterior Trim and Structural Applications
Co-Chairs: Charlie Yang – LyondellBasell; Mark Pilette – Magna Exteriors; Andrew Sanders – Borealis  


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