Join Us at the 25th Anniversary Conference -


SPE Detroit Section / Conference Coordinator

Karen Rhodes-Parker
SPE Detroit Section
Phone: + ext. 3
karen (at)


Conference Chairs

Neil Fuenmayor
LyondellBasell (Retired)
SPE Detroit Section President
nfuenmayor (at)

Rob Philp
rphilp (at)

Michael Balow
Auxin Consulting
mbalow (at)


Technical Program Chairs

Dr. Norm Kakarala
SPE Fellow
nkakarala (at)

Michael Balow
Auxin Consulting
mbalow (at)

David Helmer
General Motors
dhelmer (at)


Sponsorship/Exhibit Chair

Dr. Sassan Tarahomi
Alterra Holdings
starahomi (at)

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